`The Great Llangollen Show` 2010  


(the pictures do take a little time to down load please be patient it's worth the wait)

Above: Carolina Zig Zag (seen here during 2009) and Jake Bruce preparing for flight

Above: All the fun of the fair, Am7-10 `Gemini' is over flown by the indoor aero slide, while `The Gruffalo` and `Jacks bear' take to the air.

Outside the weather played along with the arena events and after a week of great ballooning the weather hung together just long enough for a great Saturday evening public launch and night glow.

2010 saw a significant change to the organisation team for the traditional event on the first weekend in September. The team were keen to ring the changes and, through the combination of down sizing the ballooning features of the weekend, and late organisation, model balloons took a back seat role this year.

3 model teams responded at short notice and with 7 envelopes packed for the weekend, had a relaxed time, floating around the newly refurbished indoor pavilion.

Just 2 balloons took on the now traditional endurance challenge, Jake Bruce with his 2700ft American built r/c envelope, this balloon uses 3 disposable fuel tanks, 2 for the main burner and one for the pilot light. this establishes the balloon as category 2 (multiple fuel cells), this is all directed thought a single burner coil producing a very large and effective flame.

I took along one of my favourite balloons (even thought i didn't build it) Carolina Zig Zag is a 55m3 envelope and this coupled with my single tank / single coil category 1 basket is probably my best flying combination. The fuel system has some major draw backs - with no bleed valve simply getting fuel into the system often limits the flight performance.

2010 category 1 winner then - err me - 11min

2010 Category 2 winner Jake Bruce - 14 min


Above, little and large, Dave Beasly on the burner of Am7-70 `Ice` and his own mini which stands less than 5 ft all.