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Wales International Balloon Festival 2016 - in aid of Nightingale House hospice Wrexham.

Having taken a break from hosting a public display of Hot air balloons - Llangollen was chosen as this years venue to host the 2016 WIBF. This provided the model ballooning community with another opportunity to fly inside the Llangollen Pavilion, as well as get some time in and around their bigger ballooning cousins. With a mid September meet, like any other part of the British summer there is always the weather to take into account. fortunately the weather played ball and 3 slots were flown on the Saturday evening, Sunday morning, and the Sunday evening Balloon Race as well as a small 5 balloon night glow and firework event on the Saturday night.

The event raised a fantastic 45,000 toward the running costs of the hospice, congratulations to all involved.


Llangollen International Model balloon meet 2016

April saw the second gathering of model balloons inside the shelter of the Llangollen Pavilion. 15 teams from across the UK and our first international entry (Malcolm White and Pauline Baker) from Ireland, came to enjoy the day, and spend time exchanging hints and tips, practice flying and race against each other. Thanks as ever to the organizing team of Steve Cook, Rose Harrison and Neal Tasker, who support the event throughout the planning activities as well as the day. We got a nice write up in the BMFA magazine helping to spread the word on model ballooning to the wider Radio Control community.

Video above c/o Malcolm White


Llanglollen Model balloon meet 2015

Model ballooning returned to Llangollen (North Wales) for the first time in 5 years to enjoy a wonderful day of fun flying and challenges. We reached a new record on the day having 20 model balloons inflated at the same time, here are a few video clips from the day

Grass Roots Meet - Sackville lodge 2014

A cracking weekend of flying at the Northamptonshire airfield included a gathering of model balloons of various shapes and sizes. I was able to fly 2 slots in big balloons and get ICE out for a play as well, a great weekend well organized by the team at Sackville. (Nice one Steve).






British Balloon Museum and Library Inflation day 2014

I took the opportunity to visit the BBML (British Balloon Museum + Library) inflation day in Cambridgshire and thanks to them met up with friends old and new. The museum holds 2 model balloons that were built in the 1970's and Adam Crouch and myself were privileged to inflate them for the attending enthusiasts. AMBalloons was well represented by myself, Steve Cook, Rob Parr and Charlie Timbrell.




Once again the model balloonist gathered on the Saturday and the Sunday of the 2013 event to keep the public entertained by flying in the BMFA display, separate teams attended the 2 days allowing for more members to get off the ground, I attended the Sunday along with Steve Cook, Adam Crouch, Ian Harrison, Neal Tasker and Rob Parr.

We were joined this year by a multi rotor helicopter who kindly took my GoPro up high above the balloons while we flew, Video footage from YouTube can be viewed on the right.





For the second year of model ballooning at the NEC's annual Flying Show model pilots from across the country took full advantage of the perfect weather under the high roof of hall 12.

2012 saw model balloons on both Saturday and Sunday

Saturday saw, Andy Booth - Cameron balloons Demonstrator, Dave Milkins - cystic fibrosis and Steve Cook - Grass Roots Balloon Meet fly. Followed on Sunday by my myself - Sunrise and autumn spiral, Steve Cook flying both Grass Roots balloon Meet and Checkerboard, Ian Harrison flying VIVA Hopper.

In all 7 balloons were flown again this year, brining a splash of Color to brighten up the event. The arena was shared with a constant display of skillful flying of small R/C airplanes and well as periodically by some serious model helicopter action.







Late November is not particularly well know for its light aviation gatherings in the U.K. I guess that's why the Micro-light association chose to hold an indoor event at the NEC Bimingham. The event has grown to include all forms of general aviation, including of course models aircraft.

Model Balloons UK, attended the 2011 event for the first time, as an extension of the British Model Flying Associations display - this included a variety of aircraft including several, out the box ready to fly kits, a spitfire with a wing span of less that 15cm and a gas turbine powered helicopter !!!

MBUK held a small gathering with just a hand full of pilots pulled together a couple of weeks before the event. in total 7 balloons were flown over 3 display slots on the Saturday.






2006 - 2010

I had been attending Llangollen Balloon festival since it first started during the mid 1990's, both as crew and as a spectator - enjoying the balloon accents, night glows, special shapes etc - but it was in2006 that the idea finally came to me to take along a model balloon and have a play inside the large tented pavilion which lies just 30m from the main launch site.

That particular weekend had been very unkind to the event organisers, and following a few inflations inside the building on the Sunday morning, the events organiser and I  put our heads together and with a list of people I had mostly spoken too on the internet we put together a plan for the `Llangollen  Model Balloon Festival 2007`

Event history

2006 Trial year - 3 model balloons

2007 The First open invitation meet for U.K. model balloon teams - 12 model balloons, 1 special shape, 1 hot air airship

2008 The Second open invitation meet, and first to include a competition for balloon endurance. - attended by 24 model balloons, including 2 special shapes and 1 hot air airship model.

2009 Drew in 27 model balloons and several new teams, 2 of these gracing the event with first flights of their new equipment. Records were established an broken this year, clubs were formed, old friends reunited and new friends made, and a great show put on for the public at the same time. a wonderful success, thanks everyone.  

2010 was a revised event with just a small number of big and small balloons attending, in total 7 models were inflated over the two days of the event, making the best of the opportunity to gain access to the Llangollen pavilion.