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AMBalloons is an extended family of people who share a common interest (and ownership of an AMBalloon' - as well as many others). This section of my site will be devoted to the Pilots and balloons now `out and about' hopefully getting plenty of flying hours around the world.

There are only a few entry requirements.

1) own an AMBalloons envelope

2) send me a picture of you enjoying it.

Steve Cook


Henlow, UK.

AM7-50 AM7-40  Basket

Steve is a regular face on the UK ballooning scene and keen to make Sackville lodge (which hosts the `grass roots' balloon meet), a key event in the summer calendar for both man carrying balloons and models alike.

After some 20 years of playing with big balloon Steve got in touch with me and we began an ambitious project to assemble an envelope, basket, burner and fuel system. Always up for a challenge and with the support of Neal Tasker we set about delivering the first AMBalloons `full kit`.

Steve has now gathered an sizable collection of 6 balloons including - 3 AMBalloons 2 Belgan built Viva's and a modelballoons.com envelope from the USA 


Rose and Ian Harrison

AM7-50 S Rose and her family are familiar faces around the uk model ballooning scene, a member of the organising committee for the recent Llangollen meets, they are well known having flow a 20m3 Viva envelope for many years. the family now have the choice of flying the Viva or a brand new 50m3 envelope, Welcome to the pilots network
Cannock U.K.
Charlie Timbrell  


AM7-60 prototype

Charlie has been fascinated by all things balloon related since a young age, and has a collection of 2 model balloons the AM7-60 prototype and a 50m3 Mathieu Dekock built concept style envelope.


Richard Bowater
Teesside UK
AM6-66, AM7-70 X 2  
Richard and I go back to my days living in the north east of England, where we crewed and flew together before working on some of my early balloon designs, since then Richard has added some spectacular balloons to his repertoire, (of which I can claim little involvement). He runs a summer balloon meet in Beadle North Yorkshire.


Adam Bull

Bristol, UK.  

AM7-50 Prototype

A resident of Bristol Adam now owns 2 AMBalloons Prototypes the AM7-50 and Am7-30 and is a regular attendee at Bristol Balloon fiesta and other MBUK events in the south west of England



Neal Tasker

Southport, UK.
AM7-40 AM7-100

Neal is an experienced model balloon enthusiast, with a background in paper tissue envelopes and liquid fuelled balloons. His passion for mini balloons was inspired during time spent in Brazil, where large scale paper balloons are common place at festivals and events. Neal is working on an innovative home built basket, fuel system and pilot as can be seen in the photo's he sent in this summer (2011), you may recognise the pilots face from some of his previous  ballooning adventures.

Plenty more to come from Neal - Wallace and Grommet have now trained as pilots - while Neal has tackled the project of designing and constructing burners and coils for some of my recent projects





Dr. Janet Folks

University of Nottingham

Nottingham U.K



Janet sadly passed away early in 2012, the balloon is now held in trust by her colleges where it remains a valuable educational tool for the university

Janet was one of the best known female pilots in the U.K. Regularly flying `The University of Nottingham' Lindstrand 77A around the British and European circuit as well as flying gas balloons in the Gordon Bennett. Janet approached me in late 2010 with a plan to create a model to match the larger balloon, The first Balloon to carry any significant artwork presented a new challenge. The balloon took its first flight in late January 2011 in Châteaux D'oex Switzerland





































The newest data will be posted at the top of the page keeping you up to date on the activities of `The Pilots'

Click on the thumbnails below, to see more details images from around the world.

Neil Ivison


Neil attended the 2015 Llangollen model balloon festival and helped set up the 2014 BBML inflation day at Pidley in Cambridshire, Above can be seen Neil's 2 balloons on the left the new built AM7-60 and on the right his RANGO G-FYGI



Bruce Sherwin

Linconshire U.K.

Bruce and Sarah came into model ballooning having been flying man carrying balloons for some time, they now have 2 model balloons including one from Belgium and the AM7-80 prototype, both seen here on their outing at the Llangollen pavilion in 2015

AM7-80 Prototype




Rob Grzesiczek




AM7-50`S` prototype


Rob contacted me in mid 2014 looking for something new in the world of model ballooning. having some hands on experience with an AM7-50 racer with Adam Bull, the decision was taken to build an envelope with the same volume but a different profile, the cone angle was adapted and the result is this stunning Gold, Black and White envelope. Add to this in the summer of 2015 AM7-30 in rainbow stripes  happy landings


Kevin James




Kevin and I met for the first time at Ashton Court on the day after the launch of  `Gordon Bennett' Gas balloon launch of 2010. Kevin is an Aerospace Engineer with Airbus so we have plenty of shared experiences having worked for the company for 12 years myself. Kevin built his AM7-50 from a fabric Kit and wove his own basket himself and combined it with Bolling single burner. Kevin has added a new balloon for 2012 supporting Macmillan Cancer Support, which he designed and built himself, congratulations Kevin since has built 2 more models including this cheeky special shape http://www.kjmodelballooning.com http://www.macmillanballoon.co.uk

Bath, UK.




Andy Marshall

Cheshire U.K.

AM1, AM2, AM3, AM4, AM5, AM6-10 AM7-35 AM7-60  AM7-70 prototype, AM7-70ZZ, Cluderay MK1


Beginning ballooning in the mid 80's I grew up in closing stages of a large movement of model building which had spanned the 70's and 80's in the UK. Encouraged, by flying with Nigel Ponsford (RANGO Balloons) I took on the challenge of making a few balloon, which lets face it were fairly random, It wasn't until the early 2000's and the discovery of German model ballooning (via the internet) that I returned to building envelopes. This lead to the development of my own computer programme, and the generation of balloons which became the AM7 and employment as envelope designer with Lindstrand Balloons between 2007 and 2013.

All the basket and burner equipment is home made and therefore unique.




Imagen al Aire

The Team at `imagen al Aire' will be presenting their new model balloon across the city of Leon in Mexico as a branding opportunity to local businesses having had this all white envelope fitted with banner Velcro's which run around the balloon in 2 full rings. We welcome the team to the group and look forward to seeing this exciting project develop.

Leon, Mexico



Peter Clegg

Johannesburg - South Africa

AM7-40 prototype (top left)

Peter added this balloon to a rapidly growing collection of model balloons, also pictured are his 3 home built envelopes and his basket. Peter exchanged a basket for his AMBalloons kit. 3 years later peter and I final met when I visited south Africa on a work trip. Great to final meet up, and thanks for the basket.


Dave Milkins

Dave has a fleet of 2 model balloons AM7-40  and A 60m3 BMMB which carries Support for Dave's Charity of choice Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Dave is the membership secretary and treasurer of MBUK.

The balloon's tour the U.K and can be followed on line at http://www.cfballoon.co.uk/


Bristol U.K

AM7-40 Prototype